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Michael J. Bailey
Operations Manager/ Landscape Construction

“Paul, here are the pictures for Bridgewater Falls project. The Rock Jaw was the only way to put these boulders in place. The Rock Jaw performed just the way we envisioned it to perform. It saved us numerous man hours and was by far the safest way to maneuver these heavy granite boulders. Thank you so much.”

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Randy Fugate
Garden Ponds Unlimited

“We build garden ponds in and around Moore, OK. We bought the Rock Jaw when we were installing a very large pond and I can tell you it saved us a lot of back aches. It has saved us so much time and is definitely safer when we are moving those big rocks. We typically use a Bobcat on our jobs and we got an extension fork for the lift and put the Rock Jaw on that. It works wonders and we are really happy with it.”

Chris Bruzzi
Bruzzi Lawn and Landscape

“We are a full service landscaping business in New Milford, CT. We do a lot of swimming pools with slopes that have retaining walls made of boulders. The Rock Jaw works well on those walls as well as on the staircases with granite steps. We attach the Rock Jaw to either the excavator or the back hoe. Using the Rock Jaw there is a reduction in the amount of time it takes to place the boulders and Rock Jaw definitely makes it easier to maneuver the boulders into their exact location. What I really like about the Rock Jaw is it has eliminated nearly all teeth-mark scrapes that used to occur when we used our old method. I would definitely recommend the Rock Jaw to other landscapers.”

Ivan Katz
Great Lakes Landscape Design

“Great Lakes Landscape Design is a custom landscape design and installation company located in Ferndale, Mich. I wasn’t sure how we would handle the installation of 165 tons of two and three foot fieldstone to line a creek bed that ranged from two to four and a half feet high, until I found the Rock Jaw. We possibly would have bought a thumb for our backhoe, but even that wouldn’t have been workable because we couldn’t have got the machine down in some places. To really get up and hang over that wall, it really made a huge difference for us. We even ended up buying a second one to complete the wall at a faster pace.”

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